In case of change of purpose of a building

During the course of life of a building it may happen that it is used for multiple purposes. This may have for a result that the new circumstances of use require a higher loading capacity of the floor than the original construction might meet.

lijmwapening in de Bakarbrug    lijmwapening in de Bakarbrug2 
In the Bakar bridge in Rijeka, Croatia, an adhesive reinforcement was applied to reinforce the construction.

An example of this is the transition from an office to a shop, which demands heavier loading. Also, workplaces and factory buildings may start using heavier machinery or get heavier items to store. Besides this, also overpasses and bridges may require increase of their capacity as they are loaded with heavier traffic, than the traffic they were initially built for. Finally, tremors in a construction may cause problems and the construction may require stabilization because of this. In all these cases carbon adhesive reinforcement may provide a solution. However, for this it is necessary to carry out the right analyses, so that the adhesive reinforcement may be applied in the correct manner.