In case of changes in the building structure

Changes in a building structure regularly lead to increase of the load on the adjacent construction, causing the latter to no longer have sufficient supporting power. An example of this is the removal of existing parts from the construction, but also moving or removing supporting walls and pillars.

lijmwapening in VU Medisch Centrum    lijmwapening in VU Medisch Centrum 2
 At the VU Medisch Centrum (university medical center) in Amsterdam, adhesive reinforcement was used to support the isolated floor elements, before a hole could be drilled in the floor for a new elevator.

Besides this, newly made cores, among other things for voids, staircases and elevators may also change the load of the concrete construction in such a way that adding extra supporting power is necessary. With the help of the right knowledge and experience carbon adhesive reinforcement can be used to create this supporting power. Ervas will be pleased to be of service to you with this.