Problems where Ervas may provide a solution with the help of carbon adhesive reinforcement, may occur in various situations, but the main problem is always that the construction cannot provide the required supporting power. Problems may already occur during construction

lijmwapening in brug    lijmwapening in gebouw
From bridges to modern buildings, adhesive reinforcement may be applied to various constructions.

of a new building, but also when a construction is adjusted, the use of a building structure changes, the quality of constructions does not meet requirements, or materials have gotten out of date. Besides this, the building regulations may change, causing a construction to no longer meet the requirements, or the reinforcement of a construction may accidentally be cut through, causing the tractive force to reduce considerably. Ervas has the knowledge and experience to provide a solution for all these problems, based on a thorough analysis, with the help of carbon fiber adhesive reinforcement.