In case of cores in concrete floors

Older houses are modernized. Often, a passageway is made to the attic, and a fixed staircase may be installed. To support the sawn-through reinforcement, applying Ervas adhesive is a good solution. By applying adhesive reinforcement, a steel joist is no longer necessary.

sawed-out core for stairs    No height-loss
Sawed-out core for stairs                                No height-loss with Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement

This is a solution for the limited height in the space below it.

Rearranging spaces
By changing and rearranging (company)spaces, it is often necessary that technical installations are rerouted or moved, which requires new pipe holes and shafts to be made. We also have a solution for thicker and more heavily reinforced concrete floors. Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement is a good and advantageous alternative compared to a steel support construction. Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement is only fitted by our own skilled specialists, who carry out the work swiftly

Ervas Adhesive reinforcement around the cores    Ervas Adhesive reinforcement around the cores

and efficiently, with all check points built in as a standard. This approach warrants the safety of the concrete construction.