Stairwell 260 rental homes Amsterdam region

Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement; better alternative for 260 residences to be sold!
In the region of Amsterdam an owner is selling 260 rental homes. In order to make these dwellings attractive for prospective buyers, the attic spaces which were initially meant for storage, will be turned into a residential space. The loft ladders will become defunct and on top of the stairs from the ground floor to the first floor, a new staircase is placed to improve access to the attic.

Sawn-out core for stairs    No height loss through Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement
Sawn-out core for stairs                           No height loss through Ervas Adhesive Reinforcement

This has consequences regarding the concrete construction, requiring a stairwell of approximately 2 x 1 m1 to be created in the concrete attic floor, where the functional reinforcement in the floor becomes defunct.

The structural engineer of the owner had a solution to cover this loss with steel joists, which were to be placed underneath the floor. This would reduce the minor ceiling height of the 1st floor even more and also require building work/carpentry.

Ervas International has been asked if this could be done differently and we have found a fitting solution, in terms of planning, construction and price, in the form of adhesive reinforcement.

An additional advantage is that the main contractor needs to reserve only 1 day in the planning for the works of Ervas International, which is also an advantage in the lead time of the whole renovation.