The purpose of the analysis is to find out what the problems and requirements for the current building construction are, to record them and to set out the measures that need to be taken to efficiently achieve the requirements and goals.

Problems may be both cause and effect. A proper analysis may therefore be made only on the basis of sufficient knowledge of the causes of the damage.

Knowing the cause of the damage is important to determine which steps to undertake on the way to reinforcement and recovery. The options here are to remove the cause, to repair or change the maintenance system, etc. The purpose: recovery and reinforcement, but also to prevent the chance of (a repeat of) damage.

The outcome of the analysis must provide answers to the following questions, among others:

  • Is it possible to apply adhesive reinforcement to the construction in question?
  • What stresses are there in the construction and where are these located?
  • Determine the composition and compressive strength of the old construction.
  • Determine adhesion strength
  • Surface condition evenness and strength
  • Moistness of the supporting foundation determines dew point
  • Corrosion or expected corrosion of the reinforcement
  • Is there chloride in the concrete?
  • Are there cavities and/or loose partials and/or cracks in the construction?
  • Existing reinforcement